Mobile BSL2+ and BSL3 Truck-Mounted Container Laboratories for Food Safety Testing of Adulturated or Infected Food and Water

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Labs used also for Veterinarian, Medical, Biological, DVI, Clinical testing, Analytical with BioSafety Level 1, 2 and 3 for Food Adulteration, Bacterial Infection, Chemical pollution (man made or natural), Hi-Risk Viruses, like A-H1N1 Swine Flu, H5N1 AVIAN Flu/Bird Flu, FMD, TB, Salmonella and other Agents, with Rapid-Tests and INFRARED early detection systems.

Food Safety Testing MLFST-4000DC, Veterinarian VMLE-4000DC, Medical MLEE-4000DC





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ORLANDO Systems LLC, NY/NJ, specializes in the manufacturing of "Mobile Veterinarian, Medical, Food Safety Testing, Biological, Clinical and Analytical Laboratories and Health Clinics" (like this FORD-550 and Mercedes based units shown here or the Trailer below) for Rapid Interventions in Emergency Epidemiological situations in infected zones. ORLANDO offers equipment, design and installation from its Office and Factory locations in Italy, Hungary and USA since 1995. Started by Mr.Theo Basch, President, as Orlando Systems Inc, NY, we also market hi-tech products, services and equipment for Radiation detection and evaluation, security systems and telecommunications.


The word 'adulterate'implies an element of deceit. According to the definition of Chamber's Dictionary it means `to debase, falsify by mixing with something inferior or spurious. Hence, the term 'food adulteration' can be simply defined- as an act of intentional debasing the quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient. It also can be defined as the addition or mixing of interior harmful, substandard, useless or unnecessary substances to foods. This spoils the nature and quality of food items and is considered food adulteration. A substance added to a food-item to reduce its quality in order to increase its quantity is called as an adulterant the addition of adulterants is called adulteration. Any food item may be considered as adulterated if its nature and quality are not up to the standard. The meaning of adulteration varies from country to country on the basis of municipal law. If a food exceeds tolerances and regulatory limits of the country, it will be considered adulterated. It is to be noted that the basic contention of the term 'food adulteration'is fully relevant and inter-related with the terms/factors like 'food safety' and `food security'. Nonetheless, by the practices, food adulteration in most countries means adding harmful chemicals, toxic colors or harmful additives with the food. TOP

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Mobile Truck Mounted, Containerized Health, Veterinary, Food Safety Testing, Medical, Biological, Clinical and Analytical Laboratories BioSafety Level BSL3

The original 2001 Mobile Biological Labs project was developed and manufactured by Orlando Systems Inc/Orlando Telecom Srl in Bucharest, in collaboration with Romanian, Italian, US and Hungarian companies, Military and Health Organizations, incorporating US, EU and local technologies.

The primary mission of our Bio-Safety LEVEL 2+ and BSL3 Labs entails Mobile response in Emergency Medical, Veterinarian Situations, in support of Medical, Veterinarian Teams. Also Vaccination team support and pre-testing. Also CSR, Communicable diseases Surveillance and Response, as GATHERING AND CONSERVATION OF SAMPLES, monitoring and verification, diagnosis/Rapid Testing, for severe epidemics or BIOTERROR alarms, oriented towards the presented dangers (FMD, MERS, EBOLA, SARS, Swine Flu, AVIAN Flu, ANTHRAX, Variola, Botullin, Cholera, TBC, Malaria, Legionaries, Hepatitis, etc). Optionally other NBC equipment can be incorporated. For HEALTH applications, BSL2+ & 3, please visit our site

The Labs were originally profiled as Peripheral-Intermediary, as per WHO standards, for Intervention in Infected Epidemical areas for H1N1, H5N1, MERS, EBOLA, SARS, AIDS, Ebola (under special BSl conditions), Small Pox and are therefore being offered for Medical, Veterinarian care in Africa/Asia. Very difficult Medical, Veterinarian situations like Afghanistan or Iraq are typical as well as the Asian Tsunami affected areas and Earthquake disaster areas. EU Road testing was completed for the European Model, RAR homologated as Trailer and Truck based integrated units.

The basic mission proposed for this containerized Mobile Biosafe Lab is to be transported or self - transported in a very short time anywhere there is a Medical, Veterinarian Emergency with possible Infections, and Epidemic Emergency , BIOTERROR alarm or a Bio danger has to be verified (just like the H1N1, Bird Flu or the EBOLA, SARS situation) including sea or airborne applications. It can be located close to the source of the infection and works as a RULE+REFFER instrument, without additional risk of further propagation via unnecessary (according to the latest CDC Atlanta strategies).

The Labs are built in custom cut-away containerized Aluminum CLEAN ROOM trailers and can be integrated with Truck Chassis like Transit/Mercedes Sprinter, FORD, Iveco, and other type chassis vehicles as self-supporting 4 wheel platforms. We also expect integration with boats and pontoons for water transport use.

Technical Specifications
1. The technology used in the ORLANDO Mobile Medical, Veterinarian Labs MLEE-3500DC, VMLE-4000DC, MLEE-4000DC, MLEE-4000Trailer, MLBSL2-3500 (with 2,000 - 3,000 kg gross weight and 3 - 4 meters long) is modular, user oriented, and easy to use. These models, ready for Bio Threat-A, are equipped with Level 3 protection, via its Bio-Safety Level II Glovebox Style Laminar Flow units and other special features like an optional sample entry compartment, and used for collecting, Rapid Test, Rule+Refer as per CDC-Atlanta and WHO recommended rules. The labs also include an externally attached 2x3x3meter weatherproof tent, for decontamination and sample collection, with easy access to power, decontamination equipment and optionally a number of protection uniforms, masks, oxygen, and vaccines. The MLEE-3500DC, the MLEE-4000DC, the MLBSL-3500 and others are upgraded to Biosafety Levels 3 and more.

2. The Lab container can be easily pressurized with fresh air if needed, at a Low Negative level by its fully integrated double Bio HEPA filtration system (in and out air flow). The project will have a Civil WHO level homologation for Health Sanitation, Civil and Military Defense. The Lab container respects the WHO recommendations for Peripheral Labs and has 1 or 2 Medical, Veterinarian refrigerators/freezers plus its own Autoclave unit. Equipped with a performant A/C system, it has a programmable internal power grid of 220VAC & 12VC, a Power Generator with over 15 hours of independence, several hours of back-up from batteries and a 220V inverter/converter with a set of Marine Solar Cells included.

3. The Mobile Lab MLEE-3500 in one of its many versions (as mounted on a 4 wheel trailer platform with air suspension and mounted on a Mercedes Sprinter Turbo Diesel DOKA 411 or MB516-519 Sprinters, FORD-550 and others) has passed the RAR organization road test, according to the European norms for 2,000kg and 4,500kg and is legally licensed in EU. The USA Made FORDS550 mounted MLEE-4000DC, are Export Models 4x4s, with air rides, dual diesel tanks and are built for ME and Asia. This NEW VMLE-4000DC mounted on a FORD-550DC is the most upgraded model yet.

4. The Mobile Support integration or transport unit will be supplied and modified locally in end-user country whenever possible (land/water). We have used Mercedes and FORD so far and some other standard and off-road 4 wheel-drive vehicles of similar weight and as possible candidates for this job.

5. The Mobile Labs have built in Wifi Hotspots for active connections between Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and Instruments. The Optional VHF/Tetra/GSM, Inmarsat, Intelsat or 3,5GHz communication modules, etc, can be integrated in the system (custom design) for voice/data on the internally provided platform, with 220VCA or 12 VDC supply and antenna outlets.

6. Training for these Mobile Labs with modern diagnostics technologies (PCR, Chemical/ ELISA) are being offered in collaboration with Your local Infectious diseases center. Biological testing was done for HEPA integrity on the BSL2 units.

Other Platforms
7. We are presently preparing plans for other Mobile Laboratory platforms, tropicalised, applicable for Vaccination, Veterinarian campaigns, Nuclear accidents, for Airborne & Seaborne needs. Also supplied in co-operation with other partners are planned units for clinical, high level telecommunication, goniometry, aircraft, EPA-pollution, based on modular systems, with 2-3 integrated remotes.

Meteo Interfacing
8. The ORLANDO manufactured BSL2+ and BSL3 Mobile Medical, Veterinarian Laboratories can be optionally equipped with a modern digital station for Meteorology and Pollution detection: radioactivity, chemical and industrial gases (Gammalert) for accidents or radioactive material attacks. Meteo and Pollution Monitoring Station support is built-in, with pre-wiring in place.





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